Aquawellness is an activity that utilises breathing techniques to eliminate stress and tension, relax the body and focus the mind.

Individually or in groups, Aquawellness can be experienced in the ocean, natural swimmpool, pool or spa.

It is especially useful for those who suffer with a fear of water, as it helps us to understand the survival mechanisms necessary when experiencing this other world. It is carried out in a safe and controlled manner according to each student’s needs.

During the experience we will practice with a mask/googles and snorkel.


For those that wish to take it a step further, we can progress to phase two – Scuba Wellness. Of course, it is the students that set the pace of progression! These types of aquatic relaxation activities help to reduce stress, improve psychological balance and increase emotional stability. It is recommended for those with fears or concerns regarding the water and will develop at a pace suitable for each individual.

EXTRA PERSON after 4: 25€


ACCESS TO SPAS, SWIMMINGPOOLS…: Depending the facilities you prefer to visit, it will be an extra cost from 5 to 20€ per adult. It needs to be booked in advance.

SCUBA WELLNESS: If you are a certified diver, or you want to lear diving and to use this useful tool, ask prices for this activity with Scuba equipment.

Climatology in Tenerife may vary. We advise to chek the meteorological conditions in advance. Bring always with you water, sun protection, sun glasses, hat, warm clothes, suitable footwear.

 For wellness activities, it may be necessary these items*:

– Yoga: mat. If you do not have one, you may bring a towel. It is aswell reccomended to bring warm clothes, soft blanket… to cover during the final relaxation.

– Wateryoga: swimsuit, footwear to access in swimmingpool areas, towel. Some facilities may require swimming cap.

– Aquawellness: swimsuit, mask or googles, snorkel, footwear to access in swimmingpool areas, towel. Some facilities may require swimming cap.

– Meditation: if you dont want to sit directly over the floor, you may bring a mat or a towel.

* For personal care we highly reccomend you to bring your items to conduct the activity. If you do not have them suitable, we can arrange you them with an extra cost. Advise us in advance please.

Before you book your experience, please, check with us your particular circumstances and if you have any phisical limitation that may require assistance.

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