ANAGA RURAL PARK TOUR (Biosphere Reserve)

Anaga Rural Park occupies the Northeast area of Tenerife, reaching from the sea to it’s peaks of more than 1,000m which are caressed by the fresh air of the Trade Winds. The huge variety of microecosystems provides the highest concentration of endemic flora and fauna species in Europe. During the tour we will pass through the coastal region and observe the differences between the North and South slopes. Then we will ascend and pass through the different climatic levels – as once did the famous naturalist and explorer A.V. Humboldt on his visit to Tenerife.

Here we will stop and enjoy the spectacle of time and erosion that has sculpted one of the oldest areas of Tenerife. We will also visit one of the most iconic towns in the regions, Taganana, as well as some of the area’s black sand beaches. The forests here were the food source and shelter of the original settlers, also represent the cultural hub and the lungs of the island. Here we can reconnect with nature and experience a wellness activity chosen by the group. For example a Forest Bath, Yoga, Water Yoga, Aqua Wellness, Meditation or Mindfulness. This is done in accordance with the information you provide (age, physical condition, previous experience etc). Personally though, we would recommend the Forest Bath due to the beautiful environment available to us!

Inspired by the Japanese Therapy, Shinrin Yoku (forest bath or forest therapy) we can experience true relaxation in one of our Laurisilva or Monteverde forests. Here we can relieve stress and release tensions to make room for new sensations. A true connection to our beautiful environment through ancient breathing techniques and our senses.

Here we experience the Earth element which roots us just like the incredible forests, the Air element to calm our senses and the Water element – essential for all of this green exuberance. With its movement it allows us to flow, connect and feel..

GASTRONOMIC STOP. You can choose to bring your own Pic-nic or ask in advance canarian menu taste (not included, ask prices and options for food intolerance)

EXTRA PERSON after 3: 45€ per person 6 hours tour, 50€ per person 8 hours tour.

Pick up at your hotel or agree place approximately at 8:00h to start the tour.

Climatology in Tenerife may vary. We advise to chek the meteorological conditions in advance. Bring always with you water, sun protection, sun glasses, hat, warm clothes, suitable footwear for mountin hikes.

Before you book your experience, please, check with us your particular circumstances and if you have any phisical limitation that may require assistance.


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