MARINE SAFARI Coastal Teno – Rasca (LIC)

Ourselves and the planet are 70% water and this should remind us to flow!

The Guanches (original settlers of Tenerife) used the sea as a food source, disinfectant and a place to perform fertility rituals – some of which are still carried out today. They were highly connected to the ocean, and it’s no wonder why, the water here is full of treasure! Of course, we’re not talking about gold but sea turtles, sharks, rays and cetaceans (the great mammals of the ocean that fascinate both young and old).

Across the globe, there are 90 species of marine mammals and 30 of them can be found in the Canary Islands. Some migratory species like Pilot Whales have even opted to call Tenerife home.

Would you like to be one of the lucky few who discover why?


– Pick up from your hotel in the South (or from Puerto Colon)

– Boat tour with guide/interpreter who will delight you with the marine beauty of the island

– A unique location to witness the spectacle of Mount Teide rising from the ocean

– The chance to witness nature in all her majestic beauty (sea birds, turtles, cetaceans, abundant fish life)

– A Wellness Activity chosen by the group (Yoga, Water Yoga, Aqua Wellness, Meditation,Mindfulness)

Water is the perfect element in which to rediscover our ‘roots’ and observe the world from a unique perspective. All we have to do is simply relax and let go..

Depending on your objective we can provide a variety of activities that can be combined to create your perfect tour.

Life emerged from the water and by experiencing it together we can truly enjoy the sensations of weightlessness and the eternal rhythms of the ocean.

WELLNESS ACTIVITY, IF YOU CHOOSE A SHARED BOAT: 75€ up to 3 person. 25€ each aditional person.

FOR THE FOLLOWING ACTIVITIES: Check prices and options.


Diving for certified divers

Dive try

Diving courses, all levels

Accessible diving training, up to professional levels


Climatology in Tenerife may vary. Take into account we will be in open see, so see breeze can refresh. We advise to chek the meteorological conditions in advance. Bring always with you water, sun protection, sun glasses, hat, warm clothes, suitable footwear.

Before you book your experience, please, check with us your particular circumstances and if you have any phisical limitation that may require assistance.

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