Due to the wonderful Canarian climate and topography, we can adapt water yoga to the different aquatic environments located around the island. There is opportunities to experience this type of yoga in the ocean, at the beach, naturally formed pools, private pools, jacuzzis and spas. Of course, we always take into the account the needs of the participants. It is a highly recommended therapy for physical rehabilitation, various ailments, the elderly and those with reduced mobility. Our natural affinity for the water and the ability to exercise within it to lead to a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Water yoga is so much more than just performing asanas (poses) in the water. It also involves a combination of movements from other activities such as synchronised/artistic swimming and hydrotherapy. It is ideal for keeping the body running smoothly, recovering from injuries, relieving tension and eliminating muscle or joint pain. By connecting with the water in this way, it also improves relaxation by reminding us of our relationship to the water – from our conception (amniotic fluid) all the way through to our present lives..

EXTRA PERSON after 4: 20€


ACCESS TO SPAS, SWIMMINGPOOLS…: Depending the facilities you prefer to visit, it will be an extra cost from 5 to 20€ per adult. It needs to be booked in advance.

Climatology in Tenerife may vary. We advise to chek the meteorological conditions in advance. Bring always with you water, sun protection, sun glasses, hat, warm clothes, suitable footwear.

For wellness activities, it may be necessary these items*:

– Yoga: mat. If you do not have one, you may bring a towel. It is aswell reccomended to bring warm clothes, soft blanket… to cover during the final relaxation.

– Wateryoga: swimsuit, footwear to access in swimmingpool areas, towel. Some facilities may require swimming cap.

– Aquawellness: swimsuit, mask or googles, snorkel, footwear to access in swimmingpool areas, towel. Some facilities may require swimming cap.

– Meditation: if you dont want to sit directly over the floor, you may bring a mat or a towel.

* For personal care we highly reccomend you to bring your items to conduct the activity. If you do not have them suitable, we can arrange you them with an extra cost. Advise us in advance please.

Before you book your experience, please, check with us your particular circumstances and if you have any phisical limitation that may require assistance.

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