A name with history


Tazirga is a name typically associated with the first settlers to inhabit the Canary Islands, arriving long before the first Spanish colonists. Locally it translates to ‘the woman who brings you to the water’ and this became the perfect nickname for your excursion coordinator, Rut Gómez Linacero.


Rut was born in Ávila and moved to Tenerife at the age of 15. She has travelled to more than 40 countries and resided in 6 of them on various continents. Her university degree in Business Administration and Management led her to specialize in Foreign Trade, precisely because of her desire to explore the world.

Scuba diving was initially her hobby and this was pursued due to her fears of remaining in deep water alone. For a long time she searched for the answer as to why her brain did not allow her to be comfortable in such a situation, despite her ability to swim. In 2005 she was certified as a PADI Oper water diver and in 2010 she became a diving instructor and Emergency First Responder (CPR and First Aid).

She is trained in Adapted Diving which in addition to having fun in the water, allowed her to help people with special needs. In 2012 she established herself in Panama and became an Adapted Diving Instructor Trainer through the Disabled Divers International Foundation. This allowed her to become their representative for Panama.

She created her own company for inclusive activities and training – Accessible Tourism Panama, and continues to specialize in water therapies, physical rehabilitation/relaxation and Scuba Wellness. This made it necessary for her to expand knowledge in related fields such as meditation and Mindfulness, yoga, taichi, shiatsu and Regression Therapy.

Due to the events of life she returned to her homeland and settled again in Tenerife, becoming an official Tourism Guide of the Canary Islands. Here she continued to share her experiences with those who visited.

Our Mission, Vision and values

In her quest to reconcile work with what she loves (slow tourism, sustainability, collaboration and wellness) she created the project you are reading right now:

Tazirga Wellness Tours. A company that combines day tours on Tenerife with unique activities – connecting us with nature and providing us with well-being. All leading to you experiencing an unforgettable day learning and relaxing within nature.

We offer unique tours that teach you about the environment while having a holistic experience. A day where we can capture sensations that daily stress does not allow, where we can savour every minute – where we allow ourselves to just ‘be’ in a simple and very natural way.

We can accommodate for all people and have vehicles on request, along with accessible trails for wheelchairs and accessible diving centres/boats.

Tazirga Tours strives to be as sustainable as possible and in planning our activities we evaluate the environmental impact while emphasising local products and services – helping to support the rural economy. With this in mind, the gastronomic stops of your tours are held in family run establishments.

Rut also has a talent for languages and can guide your experience in Spanish, English, French and Italian. While working as a disabled diving instructor in Panama, Rut also picked up a little sign language!

Let yourself flow with us and design your own unique experience!

In order to offer you a rewarding experience, please indicate the specific requirements of the group so everything can be organised in advance.

Entity certified in Economy for the Common Good, following SDGs 2030.

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